Hi, my name is David Doyle. I own Dave's Mobile Graphics, & have since 1991. Currently, it’s Dave's Mobile Graphics Sign Shop of Los Angeles. I lived on Oak Island for a couple of decades, & business was always good. I painted my first lettering on dead rise crabbing boats in Hampton & Seaford, VA. I took all the electives in school that came close to my intended plan. From the age of 16, I had always planned to have a sign shop in a panel van. Early in my working career I worked as a draftsman, some construction, a bellman at a Sheraton, & was let go due to my driving record. On the way home, I saw a Fast Signs, & off I went. I was their best production guy, & I learned that their methods worked, & I still use the skills I learned there.

I made signs fast & with few mistakes. I worked for several other sign shops, until I finally opened Mobile Graphics in 1991. I could still paint lettering, but the majority of my work was vinyl lettering. I did it all, as long as I didn’t have to climb ladders. Lol. I make vinyl banners, magnetic signs, & I’m especially good at lettering trucks, vans, trailers, race cars, boat names & striping. I’ve always called my bread & butter work my pin striping & custom graphics. I can go pretty fast making any type of real estate signs, from yard signs to lot signs, on any material lettering will stick to. I’ve always had a good relationship with local government. That includes police car, fire truck, & any emergency vehicle marking.

Now there have been some odd requests, but I’d do most anything, such as golf carts, airplanes, dragsters, motorcycles, NASCAR lettering on the equipment to the cars themselves. I design logos as just part of the job. I’ve lettered RC cars & boats, political signs, & applied RV graphics. I can even make vanity license plates. If you just want lettering ready to apply, I’ll cut the lettering & ship it to you. If you want the job done right, & right now, call us.